White Fawn Farm


Be rewarded by the smiles and progress of our guests!

Instructors and volunteers



White Fawn Farm employs specially training instructors for this type of work. All our instructors are PATH International certified and our center follows PATH International guidelines and procedures to ensure our instructors provide a safe, consistent, quality experience for our participants. 


We are also very fortunate to have a team of trained volunteers that we match with our participants. The generosity they share with our program is quite remarkable as they give of their otherwise free time. 

We feel it is vitally important that our participants, or “guests” as we like to refer to them, can build a rapport with our team and our horses.  These relationships help to build trust for the people they will be working alongside of during their time with us.  It is also important that our “equine partners” are comfortable with the humans that will be handling them. 


Volunteer With us!

There is always work to be done around the farm. Send us your information, and we will keep you updated on how you can help!

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White Fawn Farm

3743 Bear Creek Road, Thompson's Station, Tennessee 37179, United States

( 615) 807 0117